• More to fall for! 🍂

    More to fall for! 🍂
    Get ready for one fabulous fall launch, ladies! We've put together some details for you so get your wishlist ready and set your alarms for 10.25.20 at 8pm est! BARE IS BACK!  Leggings $59Shorts $46Cami $38Bra $36 BRAS, BRAS & MORE BRAS!  All bras $36-$38 TOP IT OFF!    Mara $49Shanna $36Bridgette $46Allie $46Bree Crop $32 WARM UP FOR WINTER!All scarves $28
  • The Puffed Collection

    The Puffed Collection
    If you know P’tula you know the one thing that is most important to us is quality, and because the bag is just as important as what you put in it, we are so excited to introduce The Puffed Collection. Our brand new line of bags designed to be super durable, completely stylish and uniquely fun.  Backpack launching September 27th! PACKED WITH POCKETS: These bags come complete...
  • P'tula Holiday Gift Guide

    P'tula Holiday Gift Guide
    The holiday season is an enchanting time of year celebrated with lights, gatherings, decorated tables, and gift giving. We’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of making your shopping list a little bit easier this year with our P’tula Holiday Gift Guide!!!    1 - The Ashley Inspire Tank: will hit a homerun with the health enthusiast on your gift list. 2 - The Shelby Legging:...
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