New Year, New Mindset: The Art of Daily Resolutions


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Happy New Year, everyone! We can hardly believe it’s already 2024! What better way to kick off the New Year than with a few resolutions? It’s the perfect time to set goals, envision what you’d like the next year to look like, and reflect on everything you accomplished the year before. Taking the time at the start of the year to plan and envision what you want to achieve can have a strong impact and set the tone for the whole year.

Resolutions don’t have to be big, monumental changes. It’s the small steps we take every day that lead to significant change and, ultimately, big payoff. 

When we launched P’tula in 2016, we started with the Sami legging. The goal was to create a pair of leggings that our owner and COO, Sami, simply could not find to address her needs both inside and outside of the gym while empowering women in the process. The point is, she started with a small step one really good pair of leggings. That small step turned into several other small steps that led P’tula to where it is today. And guess what? Even now, we still break everything we do down into the small steps that make it happen every single day. 

Whether your New Year's resolution is to move your body more, be on time, save money, conquer your reading list, or travel to new places, it’s the steps you take daily that truly count and eventually add up. You can’t read 100 books this year without first turning a page. You can’t save $5,000 without first saving one dollar. This year, we invite you to make your New Year resolutions, new day resolutions. Rather than setting intentions at the start of the year and forgetting about them come March, how can you bring your resolutions with you into your daily life? Rather than waiting for the new year to resolve to improve, what happens if the invitation to change is something that is always open all year round? What if when we miss the mark, we forgive ourselves and try again? What if we keep going, even when we don’t do it perfectly?

That’s where the magic happens. Persistence. Showing up. Following through. Trying again (and again). Persistence feelsGood.

If one of your resolutions for 2024 is to move more, we’ve rounded up our top five picks for the new year. All 5 of these pieces can be mixed and matched to create different looks for the gym, lounging, and beyond.

  • The Bare Pro Legging: Our Bare Pro Leggings are soft, comfortable, and keep you feeling held without being super compressive. They’re perfect for workouts and nature walks but easily go beyond the gym for lounging at home, hanging with friends, or getting out and running errands. 

  • The Bare V Bra: The perfect pairing with our Bare pro leggings! Made from the same soft, comfy material. This bra is great for light to moderate exercise. It gives a great natural lift. The v-neckline is super flattering, just the right amount of sexy, AND it has a beautiful open-back detail, too. Pair these pieces as a set for the gym, or break them up and style them your way!

  • The Favorite Front Pocket Hoodie: I mean, the name really does say it all, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for the softest, coziest hoodie you’ll literally ever own this is it! It’s the go-to layer you’ll find yourself reaching for anytime you need a little comfort. Wear it with The Favorite Sweatpants for a full, cute, but comfy lounge look, or pair it with the Bare Pro Leggings to make a coffee run.

  • The Favorite Sweatpant: Once you try our favorite sweatpants, you won’t go back. The fabric is what makes these a winner: super buttery and thick (without being too structured or stiff). The best part? They have an infinity drawstring waistband, so you never lose your drawstrings in the wash! Yes, please!

  • The Inspire Graphic Tee: The perfect tee to mix and match with both sets. Our Aspire to Inspire tee has a fun, colorful graphic and is the perfect reminder to reach for your dreams while motivating others along the way. P.S. It looks great with jeans, too!

  • All dressed up with nowhere to go? Sign up on Playbook to enroll in Sami’s next fitness challenge here!











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