Sami and Scott Bossert first met at the Ohio State Recreation Center back in 2008. Scott saw Sami across the room and noticed she had a hat pulled down over her eyes as if to say, "no one talk to me, I'm just here to work out." He made his move anyways and the rest is history!

The pair married in September of 2011 at a time when they were both deeply focussed on their medical careers. Sami was a nurse specializing in cardiac care and Scott, a Dentist, specializing in implants and surgical extractions. Throughout their years working in the healthcare system, they often found themselves helping people who were unwilling to help themselves. This realization quickly altered their focus and passion onto a preventative, rather than a reactive, healthcare approach. 

Sami began to train several women, both in person and virtually, who wanted to improve their lifestyles as a whole. In essence, that is what really inspired the birth of P'tula! As the community developed, it allowed Sami and Scott to immediately connect with people whose desire to change their lives was palpable.

Sami and Scott currently work full-time on P'tula and love the freedom they have to make decisions based on their own visions and dreams, those of their employees and of the P'tula family members as well. Maintaining P’tula’s original values, passions and staying true to themselves, is a top priority each and every day.

What is their hope for P'tula in the future? “Simply that our employees continue this beautiful adventure with us for years to come. We hope to grow P'tula to a place where the team and community are excited and proud to be a part of what we all created together!”


P'tula is a small-but-mighty team, currently made up of 10 in-house employees, 20 spokesmodels, and countless incredible supporters who make us who we are! We hope to grow P'tula to a place where the team and community are excited and proud to be a part of what we all created together.


Passion, purpose, quality, that is what P'tula is all about! Each piece is named after an individual who has impacted us in one way or another, whether an inspiring client of Sami’s, an incredible member of the P'tula community, or someone else we have come to know and love along the way. We are passionate about providing affordable, high-quality and ethically conscious sustainable pieces to all.


We aim to help create a mindset fit to pursue your passions on the journey of self-discovery. In other words, to create a community of passionate people who support, uplift and encourage one another to live healthier, more authentic lives while having some fun along the way!