The "Why" Behind feelsGood: A Note From Scott


Why feelsGood? What does that mean? Why should I care?

Seven years ago, we started this brand because we just wanted to make clothes that people feel good in. But we also wanted to do it in a way that made us feel good. Do things we feel good about doing, with people we love, and help them live a life they feel good about, too. Not just the life they have but the life they want. So why feelsGood? Because it's the one thing that continues to guide everything we do and believe in. Because we believe it's the best path to happiness, and as incredible as we've found it to be for the few of us, it can be life-changing for all of us together.

But we have to warn you, this isn't as simple as it sounds. feelsGood does not mean doing what's easy or rationalizing momentary fun. It's about deciding on your own, without fear of failure, embarrassment, or judgment, where you want your life to go and then making the choices (however difficult they may be) that will take you there. If you can do that, if you can consistently make those choices, I guarantee you you'll find yourself saying it without even realizing it: "This feelsGood."

Many people find the "coolest" group that will let them in, and they hide there. But most times, the comfort of being part of that same group makes you feel like you have to be like that group in every way, or they won't be so accepting. You won't be "cool" like them. And now, when the group isn't there, you feel like you don't have anything anymore, anything that's yours. We don't want that life for anyone. Being accepted and being happy are not the same; they often oppose each other. What does make you happy? Only you can decide. But let it be you. What do YOU want to do? Who do YOU want to be? It's not as easy as you think. But if you can do it, as Dr. Seuss would say, "Oh, the places you'll go." That's what feelsGood is to us. Even if you only just kinda understand what we're talking about, give us a chance because it will change not just your life but so many of the lives around you.

feelsGood. One word. Our word. Not just for this collection. Not just for this year. This is the purpose of P'tula. It guides everything we do, and we hope it continues to grow in meaning for all of you. Because who we are as a brand is who we are as people. So, who we are as people has to matter, and it has to be felt.


  • Posted on by Paula

    So well said, Scott!
    This should go on every mirror, in every house.
    Words to live by !
    Thank you for the explanation and message about what drives P’tula.
    It is inspiring and empowering !

  • Posted on by Tiffany Montero
    Well said Scott! And THIS is what makes P’tula what it is and what we all love!
  • Posted on by Natalie
    I love this so much!!! Your clothes make me feel so good in so many ways. I have an auto immune disorder that makes me body fluctuate in size and super sensitive to fabric. I love that I can wear your bare line no matter how my body is physically feeling or looking! The really helps how I am mentally feeling. Thank you for creating such wonderful pieces.
  • Posted on by Katie

    The community and love this company has created is amazing! It goes beyond just clothes to wear but exactly what you said being able to feel good in them being you! Love Ptula!! 🤍🩶

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