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perk it up!

We are so appreciative of your support over the years and for making P’tula what it is today. The best way we can show you our gratitude is through our rewards program, our little way of thanking you for your loyalty.

Are you ready to join the P’tula Perks Program?

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There are three levels to our perks rewards program; Follower, Friends and Family. Once you create an account, you automatically join the Follower tier and are awarded 250 points to get you started.

P'tula Perks levels:
Follower = 2 points per dollar spent
Friend = 3 points per dollar spent
Family = 4 points per dollar spent

Upon accumulation of 1500 points, your account graduates into the Friend tier where you can earn points at a quicker pace. Once you reach 5000 points your account will upgrade to the Family tier.

EARN BIRTHDAY POINTS: Happy birthday! Enjoy 250 points in the Friends tier or 500 points if you are already in the Family tier. *Birthday points are offered as of the Friends tier.

Points value
1000 points = $10
1500 points = $15
2000 points = $20
2500 points = $25

How to redeem your points:

1. Click on the shopping bag icon labeled “P’tula Perks” on the bottom left-hand corner of the website.

2. This takes you directly into your Ptula Perks Account.

3. You can view your current points as well as how many points are required for your next reward.

4.Redeem your points for a coupon

5. Copy/paste the discount code to use at checkout or save for later.

*Please note:
• Points are applied to the product cost only; taxes and shipping costs still apply.
• Points will expire after one year if no purchases were made during that timeframe.
• The one-year expiration date will refresh after each purchase giving you 365 days of P’tula purchasing pleasure!
• Your birth date must be entered 30 days before your actual birthday in order to benefit from the “birthday points”.
• Only one coupon can be used per order. If you use a coupon, you will not be able to enter in an ambassador/spokesmodel support code.
• Coupons expire 6 months after being issued.

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