The Vivian V Neck - Misty Grey

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A t-shirt is a fundamental staple for everyone’s wardrobe, couple this with a brushed fabric blend and you have yourself an item that will serve any and all purposes. The Vivian V-neck offers a relaxed fit throughout its entire design allowing for ease, comfort and freedom of flow. Its tasteful v-neckline and contouring scoop bottom offer a hint of femininity making it the perfect tee to be worn on its own or layered up. 


About Vivian

Vivian grew up in a single parent household where she witnessed firsthand the struggles to make ends meet. At the very young age of 17, Vivian became pregnant with her eldest daughter. She did not want to burden her mother with the responsibility of taking care of yet another child in the household, she knew she had an obligation and had to step up. Vivian decided to work two jobs and has been supporting herself ever since. Having her daughter at such a young age encouraged her to mature quickly and learn several valuable life lessons. Today, Vivian is a strong mother of three beautiful and healthy children, she channels all her energy into providing for them in every possible way.  

Vivian always managed to balance her life with fitness, especially throughout her three pregnancies, allowing her to maintain a healthy weight. As she approached her thirties, her metabolism just wasn’t the same anymore, the weight gain quickly snuck up on her. Vivian’s early transition into adulthood taught her how to quickly adapt and turn a situation around. She began working out daily and eating healthy. Getting the results she was looking for was all that she needed to fall in love with her new way of life. It truly is amazing what you can set your mind and body to accomplish! 

MODEL: SIZE S 5' 9" 137LBS,WAIST: 26.5" HIPS: 38" BRA: 34B



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