The Tracy Power Short - Classic Black

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These shorts feature functional pockets on the right side, a zipper pocket on the back of the waistband, and adhesive strips on the inner hem to prevent them from riding up. Their 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology material will keep you dry.

About Tracy

At the young age of 15, due to relationship struggles with her parents, her aunt and uncle took her into their home and became her legal guardians. For a while, Tracy felt depressed and worthless. She picked herself up, and enrolled into a challenging nursing program. For years, fitness had been her coping mechanism: she ran to clear her mind, lifted weights to pep her mood, and practiced yoga to relax. In college, however, like many, she lost her love for fitness because she no longer had the time to fit it into her schedule. After she graduated, she discovered Sami’s BBC and BABC challenges, and felt ready to enjoy fitness again.

Tracy's challenges in her past made her feel insecure in her role as a parent and spouse. Fitness helped her overcome her low self-esteem and reach her goals. Tracy now leads a daily active life with her spouse and is proud to provide a loving and safe home for her family.  She is thankful for the lessons she learned and the strength she acquired.




MODEL STATS: 5' 6'', 150 lbs, Chest 34", Waist 27", Hips 39"

*Please do not tug or pull at any loose threads on your P’tula clothing. Simply trim the thread off to keep the item lasting longer.

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