The Tiffany Takeover Jacket - Green Lily

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Welcome the cooler seasons with the Tiffany lightweight jacket. Trust us, you won’t need a reason to layer up with this urban-chic, weather resistant, windbreaker. Its beautifully designed ruched waistband and matching cuffs, ventilation paneling, and branded zipper pulls allow you to look as great as you feel!

About Tiffany

Tiffany didn’t lead a very active life as she was growing up, it just wasn’t part of her day to day routine. When she started college, back in 2013, she felt the pressure of school and the responsibilities of growing up. Tiffany thought it would be a good idea to start working out so that she could relieve some of her daily stresses. Unfortunately, the gym world was so foreign to her that her first attempt did not turn out as she had hoped. There were too many machines to choose from that she just had no idea how to use and was overwhelmed by the abundance of classes the gym had to offer. Tiffany was left feeling lost, uncomfortable and out of place, something most first timers tend to feel. 

Over the years, Tiffany learned how to count calories and pursue a healthy diet. These positive habits were empowering and altered her way of life. She was on a journey to become a healthier individual, to find herself, her inner peace. Her move from Los Angeles to Atlanta took a toll on her and threw her off her path. It was at that moment that Tiffany decided that she needed some help and guidance and discovered the BBY Challenge in Fall 2018. She learned the importance of strengthening her mind and soul and that the rest will follow. Each challenge has brought Tiffany another step closer to her true self!


MODEL STATS: 5' 9'', 137 lbs, Chest 34B, Waist 26.5", Hips 38" 

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