The Shelby Legging : 23" - Basil

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These leggings are so lightweight that you will barely feel like you are wearing anything at all. The flexible fabric conforms nicely to your body with every move you make. A form fitting high rise waistband and no front seam accentuates and elongates your torso. Enjoy the stylish curved stitching that gracefully runs down your thighs emphasizing what “leg day” is really all about. 

About Shelby

Growing up, Shelby faced many health challenges which forced her to dig deep and draw strength from her strong religious beliefs. She was extremely passionate about her high school team sports and personal fitness as it gave her a sense of control on her health issues. In her early college years, Shelby was hospitalized for a heart condition. This was just the beginning of her five year upward battle of cardiac rehabilitation.

The day she was fully cleared by her doctors, Shelby vowed to keep her mind, body and soul as stable as possible to keep her heart beating healthy and strong. She always dreamt of being in a fitness competition and so she turned this dream into a reality. The plan was set in motion, countless hours were spent in the gym and a strict eating regimen was put in play. Before you knew it, Shelby was walking proudly across that stage in her very first competition.   

Maintaining a stage ready physique wasn’t always easy and sometimes showed on Shelby’s “cheat days” as she would splurge a bit too much. She was tired of this emotional roller coaster and was looking for ways to maintain her body. She tried Sami’s BBY challenges and never felt better about herself, her mind was clear and focused. With the help of each challenge, Shelby was able to combine faith, meditation, fitness and a guilt free eating plan to guide her throughout her journey.


MODEL STATS: 5' 8'', 125 lbs, Chest 32B, Waist 26", Hips 38" 



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