The Rosy "Seize The Day" Pull Over - Purple Suede

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The Rosy “Seize the Day” Pullover is the first of its kind in our Ptula collection. The thumbhole feature creates added comfort and prevents bunching while the super soft material will keep you all cozied up. The stylish, asymmetric zipper fashionably seals up the left side of the high neckline for a trendy and versatile look. Need a place to put your keys or credit card? No worries, this pullover literally has you covered. You’ll find a zipper pocket on the back near the scoop bottom hemline.

About Rosy

Rosy is a woman who is so full of life. She has an outgoing personality, enjoys being active and always has people doubled over in laughter. It’s amazing how some people can put on a mask and play a role to hide what is really going on inside. Only those closest to Rosy knew that she was battling depression. She had a very negative image of herself, could never see the bright side of anything and would always seek toxic relationships. It wasn’t until the birth of her daughter that she realized she had the responsibility to better herself so that she could be a positive role model.

Rosy’s journey was not always an easy one, there were some setbacks, but she had an objective of happiness and the unconditional love of her daughter to keep her motivated. Rosy met her soulmate and their relationship flourished. She graduated from nursing school and began working the night shifts in the ICU. She started Sami’s BBY challenge and managed to fit it into her busy schedule. Sami gave her the blueprint she needed to keep her mind and body clear, strong and healthy. Rosy powered through the 2nd BBY challenge despite juggling work, overtime, family obligations and the woes of paying off debt. Her “just move” motto kept her motivated. Her and her partner purchased their first home, life was good. By the 3rd BBY challenge, Rosy was paying it forward, Sami gave her the honour of being a captain. Rosy’s evolution was remarkable! With the right tools, our inner strength will always shine through!



MODEL STATS: 5' 11'', 135 lbs, Chest 34", Waist 26", Hips 36" 

* Please do not tug or pull at any loose threads on your P’tula clothing. Simply trim the thread off to keep the item lasting longer.  

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