The Raenell Sleek Legging: 23" - Nautical Blue

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These 3/4th length leggings with a high-rise waistband feature functional side pockets on thighs and a seamless bottom hem. The material is moisture-wicking, features a quick-dry technology and a 4-way stretch, which is a perfect blend of nylon & elastane. This super silky fabric was designed to feel very light on your skin & provide incredible breathability.

About Raenell

After Raenell did her first figure show back in 2012 she was hooked, she completely fell in love with competing.  Although she enjoyed participating to the fullest, being part of a world that’s so centered around appearance resulted in her having mental and physical problems. She started suffering from body dysmorphia and spent countless hours worrying about her body image. She would immediate feel depressed if the scale would tip above 110 pounds.

Raenell started cutting out carbs and began doing excessive cardio. She was unable to lose any more weight as she had no more fat to lose. The constant feeling of hunger caused her to binge eat. She would feel so guilty that she would workout more to make up for it.

Raenell knew what she was doing was self-destructive but she just could not stop herself. It was when Raenell and her partner decided to get pregnant that she knew she had to make some changes. She needed to be mentally and physically healthy in order to bear a child. This motivated her to to take better care of herself. She is now happier than ever!

Proudly show off your gym results in your Raenell Sleek Leggings!




MODEL STATS: 5' 6'', 150 lbs, Chest 34-36", Waist 28", Hips 39" 

* Please do not tug or pull at any loose threads on your P’tula clothing. Simply trim the thread off to keep the item lasting longer.

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