The Molly Freestyle 3/4 - Misty Grey

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This loose fit, quarter sleeve length top features a mesh paneling in the back to allow for ventilation. Its durable drawstring waistline allows for your preferred bottom width while its brushed exterior offers softness and comfort. It is lightweight & breathable due to the loose and flowy design.

About Molly

Molly struggled most of her life battling her insecurities. She had a negative image of herself and never felt worthy enough of happiness. During college, she met the love of her life and got married soon after. The honeymoon stage did not last very long before the relationship turned toxic. Molly desperately seeked comfort and solace and found it in food.

Molly was feeling very discouraged and emotionally drained. Her cousin Debbie told her about Sami's fitness workouts, and encouraged her to give it a try. With every class she took, she felt more and more motivated. She learned so much about herself and gained the strength and confidence to remove herself from her destructive marriage. She felt empowered and finally saw her self-worth.

Molly has lost over 30 pounds since the beginning of her weight loss journey and is in the best shape of her life. She continues to adopt a healthy lifestyle by focussing on her physical and mental well-being.



MODEL STATS: 5' 6'', 150 lbs, Chest 34C/32D, Waist 28", Hips 39"

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