The Leslie Lyrical Long Sleeve - Smooth Black

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This long sleeve, scooped front hem top features a beautiful, attention-grabbing open back design. It features a strategic mesh paneling for under-arm breathability and thumbholes. Its 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology material keeps you dry.

About Leslie

Imagine working in an industry where everyone looks like they´ve just walked straight of the cover of Women´s Health magazine and feeling like the odd one out. This is what happened to Leslie, who convinced herself that she had to meet a certain beauty standard or she simply wouldn´t be good enough. 

Leslie had always been strict when it comes to her diet but things got really out of control when she starting competing in bodybuilding competitions. She became obsessed with food and developed a binge eating disorder: the foods that she was told not to eat became the center of her attention and her ADHD and an anxiety disorder just made her eating disorder worse. 

Last year, during her final bodybuilding competition, she realized it was time to seek help. Admitting that she had a problem was hard, but reaching out for help and actually saying it loud was the hardest. Thankfully a weight was lifted off her shoulders slowly but surely. Accepting that the healing does not just happen overnight but knowing she is taking steps in the right direction has restored her faith in herself: Leslie´s battle is not over yet, but she is well on her way to a better place! Continue taking small steps in the right direction slowly, keep growing stronger like Leslie in the Leslie Lyrical Long Sleeve!




MODEL STATS: 5' 6'', 150 lbs, Chest 34", Waist 27", Hips 40"  

* Please do not tug or pull at any loose threads on your P’tula clothing. Simply trim the thread off to keep the item lasting longer.

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