The Laura Lush Long Sleeve - Grey Pearl

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This breathable, lightweight long sleeve offers maximum coverage in its sleek design. The thumbhole feature creates a controlled comfort as the thin, fabric stitching outlines your frame. Whether worn full length or knotted up, the P’tula logo will never leave your side.

About Laura

Laura, a kind-hearted soul, always put the needs of others before her own. The selflessness about helping people nourished her as a person and brightened up her days.

Unfortunately, over time, Laura started to realize that people were taking advantage of her generosity. It made her reflect on the fact that perhaps, she was hiding from her own feelings. She would never prioritise herself nor pursue a path to her own happiness.

Laura was afraid to try new and unfamiliar things but pushed through her fear and found an inner strength she never knew she had. She started to work out at the gym and discovered her capabilities and potential. It was rewarding to do something for herself and gave her the confidence she so desperately needed.

You have to love yourself first before you can truly love others!


MODEL STATS: 5' 9'', 137 lbs, Chest 34B, Waist 26.5", Hips 38" 



* Please do not tug or pull at any loose threads on your P’tula clothing. Simply trim the thread off to keep the item lasting longer.

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