The Laura Lush Long Sleeve - Emerald Green

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This lightweight & breathable long sleeve feels like a second skin. Even though it is light, it offers warmth and softness, with every wear.

About Laura

What if you become the victim of your own goodness? Meet Laura who has always had a desire to please everyone around her, with the result of neglecting herself. It came to a point that she convinced herself that she should always help others before even thinking about doing something for herself. People close to her would comment how strong she was, both mentally and physically, but Laura would not buy these compliments for a single second. After a lot of people had take advantage of Laura´s good attentions, she realized she was unhappy and had been denying herself happiness for a long long time. 

By willing to try new and unfamiliar things, she finally got to know herself and started seeing the strength in herself others had been noticing for years. The day this translated to a gym setting is the day she realized her great potential. Laura grew to learn what she was physically capable of and got confident. She stopped hiding her true colours and is now proud of who she really is. 

When you try on the Laura Lush Long Sleeve always keep one thing in mind: love yourself like Laura finally does. 



MODEL STATS: 5' 6'', 150 lbs, Chest 34”, Waist 27", Hips 39" 


*For longevity of your P'tula trim any loose strings, do not tug or pull. 

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