The Kate Legging 23" - Glacial Green

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The Kate leggings feature a unique ankle cuff that simulates the look of a jogger with a moderate compression of a legging. Each yarn is comprised of a blend of five colors creating a speckled look to the fabric with a textured, woven, jacquard finish. The expansion on these high-rise leggings are comfortable, breathable and more than able to keep you satisfied.

About Kate

Kate has accomplished so much in her life, she is well educated, works as a pharmacist, has a beautiful baby girl, has home renovation plans and is currently planning her destination wedding. From the outside looking in, her life may seem picture perfect, but in reality, things aren’t always what they seem.

 Kate was diagnosed with epilepsy at the very young age of 9 and suffered from seasonal affective disorder. Growing up, she allowed herself to become victim to body dysmorphia, which followed her right up until adulthood. Once she became pregnant with her daughter, she feared the affects it would have on her body, the weight gain, stretch marks and inevitable cellulite. Post-pregnancy, Kate worried about whether she was making the right decisions for her daughter, if she would have enough quality time with her once she returned back to her 12-hour a day work schedule. The worry consumed her every thought.

 Originally, Kate joined the BBY Challenge with the sole purpose to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight but quickly realised that she was getting so much more out of it than she ever expected. It gave her something to look forward to in her day, a goal to strive for and time to reconnect with herself. She did the work, put in the effort and welcomed all of the positivity that came along with it.


MODEL STATS: 5' 8'', 126 lbs, Chest 32B, Waist 26", Hips 38" 


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