The Desa'ree Sports Bra - Frosted Camouflage

$34.00 USD

The Desa'ree Frosted Camouflage Bra offers a light impact support with its beautiful racerback design. Add or remove some enhancements with the removable cup feature carefully tucked behind the inner linning. Made from the same smooth material as the Desa'ree Leggings, you just know you can't go wrong with its incredibly flexible, breathable and moisture wicking fabric.

About Desa'ree

Desa’ree is a busy mom who takes care of her 2 children. Like most parents, she found little time for herself. She did, however, manage to squeeze in some workouts throughout the week but she just wasn’t getting the results that she was hoping for. Desa’ree realized that she needed to direct her focus on her diet as well. She made more nutricious choices for both herself and her family. Today, she balances her workouts with her diet and has never felt better!


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