The Danielle Luxe Maternity Legging : 26" - Emerald Pearl

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Our Danielle Luxe Leggings put the lux in luxury! Pamper yourself with these ultra-smooth maternity leggings, the first of its kind in our GLOW collection. The stitching was strategically placed just beneath your baby bump while the unique waistband design cradles your belly throughout all trimesters. Exceptionally comfortable and just the right amount of compression to simulate a nice, warm hug for baby. 

About Danielle

Danielle had a very active childhood, most of her days were spent outside playing in the fresh air, enjoying long scenic hikes and horseback riding.  Her younger years were innocent and carefree but as she got a bit older, her image of herself became tainted by her inability to manage her food intake. After graduating from high school, she attended nursing school. She put so much time and energy into her studying that she didn’t leave herself any time to enjoy the outdoor activities she once loved. Danielle eventually put on a considerable amount of weight. She felt helpless and couldn’t even bring herself to associate with her friends anymore as she was ashamed of her weight gain.

Years later, Danielle met her husband. He frequently went to work out at the gym and tried to encourage Danielle to go along with him. She would complain and find every excuse possible not to go, but when she did, she felt lost and intimidated by others around her. Someone recommended joining one of Sami’s BBY challenges, the experience was life changing!

Once Danielle changed her frame of mind, she discovered how to have a healthy relationship with food. Danielle’s energy levels increased, her weight began to melt away and her desire to work out grew stronger and stronger. She was no longer ashamed of herself, instead, she was proud of her strength, will and determination.



MODEL STATS: 5' 0'' Waist 36", Hips 43" 

PTULA TEAM SUGGESTS: Choose your true Ptula size, for more compression size down. 


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