The Brandi Carefree Jogger - Stormy Grey

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Feeling free spirited and want your style to mirror your mood? Throw on a pair of our Brandi joggers for a carefree, fun loving and absolutely adorable look. These joggers are made with a lightweight, super soft fabric that compliments all body types. Enjoy the warm hug from the ankle cuffs and a splash of fashion with the faux pocket detail. Slide on your favorite sneakers and you are set for the day!

About Brandi

Brandi has been in the military for many years. It has taught her so much about physical and mental discipline. She made efforts to apply these acquired skills in her day to day life but was unable to find the right balance between fitness and diet. She couldn’t even allow herself to indulge in a treat without feeling guilty about it. She would train excessively in order to make up for it. 

After a lengthy deployment in the military, Brandi returned to a broken marriage which ultimately resulted in a divorce. This was a cleansing moment in her life and gave her much clarity for her new path. Brandi focussed on channeling her energy into things that would give her great joy. She volunteered at her local animal rescue center, enrolled for a master’s degree in Addiction Counseling and also applied for a PhD program in Counseling Psychology. 

Brandi put a lot of pressure on herself during her first year of graduate school. The stress caused her to develop poor eating habits which resulted in some weight gain. The annual military physical fitness test was soon approaching, and Brandi knew that she had to get back into shape. She discovered Sami’s BBC fitness programs. Brandi felt great! She quickly shed those extra pounds and had the motivation and energy to persevere.

Let go of your worries in the Brandi Carefree Jogger!  


P'tula Team Suggest: True to size 


MODEL 1: SIZE S 5' 9" 137LBS,WAIST: 26.5" HIPS: 38" BRA: 34B

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