The Andie 'Be Balanced' Crop - Chalk Grey

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The Andie Crop Top is the perfect ultra-flowy everyday essential. Made from a blend of bamboo fabrics, this lightweight and highly breathable material will be sure to provide you with comfort and style wherever you go. It’s also the perfect complement to any cute sports bra!

About Andie

Andie’s journey involves a lot of growth, strength and perseverance. Channel your inner Andie and become your best self! Finding the right balance between food and exercise, while also dealing with thyroid issues, was never an easy task for Andie. Her metabolism functions at a slower rate, which in turn facilitates weight gain. She signed up for the BBY program, knowing that she would receive a substantial amount of support, from both Sami and the network of women who have also joined the program. She was finally able to find her equilibrium and now feels better than ever. She has also gained the confidence to wear clothes that she never felt comfortable wearing. This has been a very empowering process for Andie.

*For longevity of your P'tula trim any loose strings, do not tug or pull.

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