The Catie Sports Bra

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Marina Blue
Sun Kissed


Our softest Yvette fabric made into some flattering & comfortable sports bras!

- Simple strappy bra
- Minimal support with maximum comfort
- Comfy yet secure band with no digging
- Removable pads

About Catie
So many of us feel the pressure to be perfect, including having the “perfect” body. For Catie, this began when she was just a young 12 year old dancer. The pressures around her led her to become anorexic and the health repercussions were many, including menorrhea, osteopenia, stress fractures, broken bones, depression and losing her menstrual cycle. Catie had a wake up call when during a conversation with her doctor he asked if she ever wanted children, because if she kept living the way she was living it may not be possible. That changed everything and while she is still currently battling anorexia, she is now dedicated to putting her health above else!

Fabric Blend: Polyester/Spandex blend

Ptula Team Suggest: True to size

Model Stats: 5’6”, 145LB, CHEST 32B, WAIST 28”, HIPS 42” (Marina Blue)

5'1", 126LB, CHEST 32B, WAIST 27", HIPS 37” (Cobalt Blue, Black, Sun Kissed, Steel & Grape)

Model Size: S (Cobalt Blue, Black, Sun Kissed, Steel & Grape), M (Marine Blue)

real life photo, in Black: @kteighteen

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