Founded in 2016, by Sami B, Personal Trainer and Instagram influencer, P'tula focuses on building a community where there’s a passion in people to live an active, happy and healthy life and be a part of it with others who have the same passion.

    Q & A with Sami B.

Who are you?
I am a current nurse (RN, BSN) who has had a passion for fitness for over 10 years. Seeing first hand how much poor health and wellness can affect your long-term life and happiness, I’ve wanted to make it my #1 goal to help educate and inspire people to take their own life and health into their own hands. I want to help prevent disease but most importantly, help people become overall happier! Whether that be physically, emotionally or mentally. This world needs more genuinely happier people. Stronger people. Healthier people.

Why start a brand like P’tula?
This brand began because of my clients. So many stories, lifestyles, struggles and successes. It was them striving to be happier in their own skin, more confident and stronger, love their life more and be proud of what they’ve accomplished - no matter the culture, location and lifestyle they have. They are the Passion to Unite & Live Active

I want our girls to feel overall amazing! Never vulnerable. Never self-conscious. I want them to feel powerful, motivated and comfortable in their P’tula. I want to offer them the best of the best - durability, comfort, softness, design, colors - just overall quality and also exclusivity. Although it will be tough to accommodate every preference, this is part of our vision - to accommodate as many beautiful body types as possible.


What’s special about the name of the products?
Each piece is named after a personal client of mine - one that’s been involved in my online training program. Each lady has a different, inspiring and heartfelt story that really hits home for many other women. It’s always difficult choosing who to use for our upcoming products but luckily we will have many more pieces coming in the collection in the future!