Glute Band Program by Sami B.

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Shape and sculpt your booty to fit fabulously in your P’tula leggings with our Glute Band Multimedia Program. This program consists of 4 unique glute band workouts and 2 bonus cardio workouts. There are 7 different types of exercises per workout. Each workout varies in pulse, intensity, time and type of exercise; all working in unison to target and tighten your glutes.

All you will need is the program, a glute band and the drive to work your booty into shape. The beauty of this program is that the glute band is extremely compact and easily accessible giving you the flexibility to work out absolutely anywhere; at home, on a lunch break or on vacation. Each exercise has a thorough explanation and video clip demonstration led by Sami B. as your virtual trainer. 

The Glute Band Multimedia Program was meant to complement, not replace your usual training regimen, as it targets one specific group of muscles. It’s an alternative to your usual lower body workout, to shake things up a bit. This program will activate your glutes and tighten up your booty leaving you feeling great and looking bootyful!

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