Full Body Fire - Advanced Training Program

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Take your workouts to the next level with the Full Body Fire - Advanced Training Program designed by Sami B. This workout plan will improve your overall strength and balance and will challenge your body in every possible way! 

What's included:

  • 4 week program - 3 days per week
  • Detailed PDF outlining each exercise
  • Exclusive videos showing how to properly perform each exercise with additional tips and advice
  • Option to print to bring to the gym
  • Download available at checkout

What's needed:

  • Access to gym equipment
  • Dumbbells
  • Cable Tower
  • Landmine (Olympic Barbell and Corner to secure the barbell)

This program requires a thorough understanding of the moves and transitions used throughout the exercise plan. It involves knowledge of proper body mechanics and appropriate weights for your skill level. ​

Due to immediate access of your plan, there are to be no refunds.

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