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Enjoy a loving, warm hug every time you slip on the Lisa crop sweatshirt as it’s soft and supple material will wrap itself around you. The Lisa falls perfectly at your waistline, highlighting your hard earned assets while the balloon sleeves add a sweet, feminine touch. This crop was stamped with the P’tula brand so that everyone around you knows how passionate you truly are to unite and live active.

About Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in South Africa. She had a lovely, active childhood, and occupied many of her high school days playing various sports that kept her body in shape and her mind levelled. Lisa has a kind and warm heart, it was always in her nature to be there for her friends and family, whether it was to lend a helping hand, be a shoulder to cry on or offer uplifting advice. 

Lisa’s family decided to immigrate to Canada in 2000, she was just 17 years old. The transition was a difficult one as she found it hard to adapt to her new way of life. As a result, Lisa ended up gaining weight. It took her some time to adjust, but once she did, she turned her life around with healthy, clean eating and routine workouts.

Lisa signed up to Sami’s BBY program. The experience truly kick-started her drive and motivation to get herself into the best shape of her life. It’s easy to slip back and get off track sometimes with sickness, vacationing or just plain old laziness but Lisa knew that she can count on the support of the P’tula family and the guidance of Sami’s programs.

Lisa often refers back to a lesson she learned from a childhood experience. She once complimented a girl on her beauty and lean figure. That girl was utterly offended, her reaction was baffling to Lisa. It took many years and careful introspection to realize that everyone has their own image and acceptance of themselves. Whether some people struggle with losing weight and others with weight maintenance, we are all on the same journey, to be healthy and happy with ourselves!


MODEL STATS: 5' 6.5'', 145 lbs, Chest 32D/34C, Waist 27", Hips 39" 


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