The Emily Tenacious Legging: 23" - Midnight Plum

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The Emily Tenacious leggings are comprised of an extremely stretchy and high-performance fabric that offers moderate compression as it conforms to your body. The high rise waist and crisscross front panel adds a touch of style allowing these leggings to stand out from the others. The Emilys are true to size and are suitable for all levels of training.

About Emily

If only we could go back in time to reassure our old selves that things will work out just fine. Like most people battling their weight issues, Emily struggled with low self-esteem. She would absolutely dread going to the gym. It would take everything in her power to convince herself to get up off the couch and go for a workout. She would focus solely on cardio as weight training just wasn’t her thing. Emily figured that as long as she was going to the gym, she could eat whatever she wanted. It didn’t take long to realise that she was on the wrong path.  

Emily’s husband could no longer bear to watch her battle her demons on her own. He discovered Sami’s BBY challenge and encouraged her to give it a try. About halfway through, Emily noticed a change in her mood. She was motivated and eager for more. She developed self-confidence and a positive mindset. The BBY challenge made all the difference in her health and well-being.  



MODEL 1 STATS: 5'4" | 138LB | CHEST 36" | WAIST 29" | HIPS 36"


MODEL 2 STATS: 5'1" | 110LB | CHEST 32" | WAIST 25.5" | HIPS 30"

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