The Puffed Collection


If you know P’tula you know the one thing that is most important to us is quality, and because the bag is just as important as what you put in it, we are so excited to introduce The Puffed Collection. Our brand new line of bags designed to be super durable, completely stylish and uniquely fun. 

Backpack launching September 27th!

PACKED WITH POCKETS: These bags come complete with plenty of interior and exterior pockets, easy-to-access spots for your phone, a padded zippered compartment for your laptop, dual water bottle pockets and more!

WATER and DIRT RESISTANT: The Puffed Collection is made to stay clean and dry when you're on the move. The custom fabric was made to repel water and easily wipe off dirt. 💦

CONVENIENT: Refreshingly lightweight and collapsible with adjustable straps make these your go-to bag from working out to going out, and everything in between. 👏

CARRY-ON COMPATIBLE: Take them anywhere! Both the Backpack and the Tote are just as great for your every day carry, as they are for all of your out-of-town adventures. ✈️

Pack it up, put it on, and get moving! The Puffed Backpack is made entirely of our easy to clean fabric. With plenty of secure compartments both inside and out. You’ll always have the right space for your everyday essentials. Gym gear? Diaper bag? Carry on? School stuff? Work supplies? We're looking forward to seeing all the ways you decide to use yours!

We've got you covered with 4 exterior pockets, 4 interior pockets, 2 zippered pockets including 1 padded laptop compartment (fits a 13".) Dimensions are 15" H x 12" W. Available on 9.27 for $86

COMING SOON: Tote-ally designed for the everyday carry! The Puffed Tote is made entirely of our super durable, easy to clean and water resistant material. The best accessories are the most useful ones. Whether it be your everyday bag, for your weekend getaway, your gym or sports gear, work tools, groceries or anything else you can think of, the Puffed Tote is ready to go. You'll find 5 exterior pockets, 2 large exterior zippered pockets, including a laptop compartment (15".) Dimensions are 11" H x 16 W". Coming soon at $98.

Throw them around or carry them with style, the Puffed Collection was made to be the best of both worlds. #ItsYourAdventure

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