The 7 Best Pieces for Maternity: Time to Enjoy Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy may come with some joy, especially if you've been expecting it for quite some time. However, it may be accompanied with various body changes, some discomforts or even pain. Besides visiting the doctor and taking a healthy diet, there are essential pieces you may consider to help you have a comfortable and healthy maternity experience.

Here are the best pieces to consider for maternity:

Prenatal Vitamins

You need lots of vitamins and other nutrients for your body and the unborn. Your maternity care provider will recommend vitamin supplements since you may not get enough of them from the meals you consume. But you still need to monitor your diet closely to ensure you aren't missing out on important nutrients.

Be sure to consult healthcare professionals before taking any prenatal vitamins. They will also direct you where to purchase the vitamins. Consider looking at the best prenatal vitamins and picking the right one with the help of a doctor.

Morning Sickness soother

Some women will know they're pregnant if they feel nausea or experience morning sickness. If you are feeling nauseated, taking ginger candy like tummy drops to help calm your belly. Other morning sickness soothers include pretzels, tea and lollipops. Remember to consult your doctor on what medication to take if you have constipation and heartburn.

Pregnancy Journals

It's common for first time mothers to not know what to do when they are pregnant. As soon as you learn something related to maternity care, you should take notes. These notes will help you even in your future pregnancies. You can also read lots of pregnancy books since they give you ideas of what to expect during your pregnancy period.

Skin care

As you belly grows, you will notice some changes to your skin where it turns dry and itchy. Most women get stretchmarks as the pregnancy develops. Applying creams and moisturizers to the dry skin can be soothing as it reduces the itchy effect. You should consider chemical-free or natural moisturizers, but it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

Maternity clothing

Most ladies forget to buy maternity clothing. Remember, as your pregnancy grows, you are likely to grow bigger and your clothes may no longer be a good fit. You will need to change part of your closet by buying maternity dresses, pants, t-shirts or even shoes, since at certain stages of the pregnancy your feet may get swollen.

Body Pillow

As the belly grows, you may have difficulties with your sleeping position. Body pillows for pregnant moms will come in handy since they support your back, legs and hips, making sleeping more comfortable. The body pillow also helps reduce the pressure on your joints and you won't need to throw them away after birth.

Tummy shield and belly wrap

The tummy shield will help protect your belly in case of bumps and falls. You need it especially if you drive or commute to work daily since it can help prevent miscarriages caused by falling or injuries. Belly wrap presses the tummy, forcing it to its normal size, helping you maintain your body shape even after delivering your baby.

However, you need to ensure your tummy shield and belly wrap are comfortable on you and your unborn. They shouldn't be too tight, making you uncomfortable as you go about your daily activities. Choose one that suits your particular body shape and size.

We can help!

The pregnancy period doesn't necessarily need to disrupt your life. With the right maternity pieces, you can breeze through your pregnancy, and successfully deliver without complications. If you're looking to stay active and comfortable, you may consider our innovative and stylish pregnancy products at P'tula. For more information, please contact us today.

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