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Perk it up with P'tula! You have made us what we are, and the best way for us to say thank you is to show you how much we care. We want to reward you for all that you do!

There are three levels to our perk system. Everyone starts in the Follower tier! Once you earn 1500 points you enter Friends and once you earn 5000 you enter the highest level, Family.

Follower = 2 points per dollar spent.
Friend = 3 points per dollar spent
Family = 4 points per dollar spent

Sign-Up = 250 points
Birthday = 250 for Friends, 500 points for Family.
You can add your birthday only after you reach the Friends level.

1000 points = $10
1500 = $15
2000 = $20
2500 = $25

1. Sign into your P'tula perks account on the website.
2. In the bottom left hand corner, click on the shopping bag icon - this takes you to your Ptula Perks Account.
3. Here you can see how many points you have available & it will also tell you if you have enough points to redeem for a coupon!
4. Redeem your points for a coupon 😎
5. Copy/paste the discount code to use at checkout or save for later.

The fine print:
- Points are not given on tax or shipping cost, but only on the product cost.

- Points expire after a year of no purchases made. Each time you make a purchase, the expiration date of the points moves back 365 days.
- For birthday points, the date must be entered 30 days before your birthday.
- Only one coupon can be used per order. If you use a coupon, you will not be able to enter in an ambassador/spokesmodel support code.
- Coupons expire 6 months after being issued.


  • Posted on by Mandi Palmiotto
    The P’tula Perks is such an amazing program! I have racked up so many and have used them when there is a big launch so I can get more or when there’s a hot little piece I really really want. I have been buying P’tula for many years now I think it’s been a full year or so with the perks and it definitely helps and comes in handy. Thank you Sami and Scott for helping your loyal clients and making us feel like more of a family.
  • Posted on by Elizabeth Zaborowski
    Best workout brand, EVER. 🥰
  • Posted on by AstnJTYvhL


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